Amid trials prospective members in Calgary, Canada persevere, receive baptism


Date Posted: October 12, 2021

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Inspired to receive the many wondrous blessings of God for His people, most especially salvation on Judgment Day, the prospective members in the Calgary Ecclesiastical District strove to join the Church Of Christ despite the trials and persecutions they encountered. With His help, they reached their much-awaited day of baptism on September 30, 2021.

Following safety protocols, they gathered at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Downtown, Alberta wherein they were further taught the words of God before the baptism proper. The district supervising minister, Brother Rolando Gaviola, instructed them in the biblical teachings regarding their duties and responsibilities as true disciples of Christ, one of which is to share the true faith to many people.

Nicole Faustino, a newly baptized member, said that up to her baptism, “I am the only one [in my family] who has joined the Iglesia Ni Cristo [Church Of Christ] and it’s a struggle. Until now, I stand firm in the faith.”

Her desire to see her family also become members of the Church increased as she pondered on the biblical lesson she received during the baptismal service. “I don’t lose hope. I hope that one day I can invite them to evangelical missions and become an instrument of God to inspire them to convert [into the Church Of Christ],” she said.

Liane Schuetz, another newly baptized member, had also her fair share of challenges as her parents were against her conversion. “I believe here [in the Church Of Christ], everything that is being taught is in the Bible. Despite the hindrances, I persevered and prayed to God to help me because I want to serve Him the right way and to receive salvation.”

The newly baptized brethren vowed to be one with the other faithful in the Calgary district to and unite with the Church Administration in the Church’s works especially the propagation of the faith, now that the time of the fulfillment of their redemption is very near. — With reports from INC News Section