Australia East conducts two-day music production workshop


Date Posted: March 18, 2022

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To help music enthusiasts from the Ecclesiastical District of Australia East broaden their knowledge and hone their talent in music and music production, the district’s Christian Family Organizations (CFO) hosted a two-day online workshop on music production. The activity was held on February 20 and 21, 2022 and was led by district music officers.

Brother Zielmar Bongares, ministerial worker who supervised the activity, said that it was meant to “inspire our brethren to enhance their interests in music production. Whether they are professional or amateur, or just wanting to learn about it, they were all welcomed to join.”

On the first day of the workshop, the attendees were reminded of the specific task of songwriters, editors, orchestrators or musical arrangers, and vocal producers, all of whom have a part to play in music production. They also delved into lyric writing, music arrangement, among others.

The following day, attendees learned about music technology, the process of recording, and mixing. Using a Digital Audio Workstation, a music production software, Fristine Flores, district music officer from the Local Congregation of Campbelltown, showed to the attendees how to record audio in a computer, as well as how instrumentation of a music composition is done.

“It’s amazing to see that there are so many brethren who are interested in learning how to make music. They attended the activity knowing what they can contribute while also having a desire to learn more. Thanks be to God,” Flores said.

“I feel more inspired to create music and to learn more. I’m most excited about the collaboration works that we will contribute as a team,” said Morgan Goodfellow from the Local Congregation of Townsville, Queensland.

Under the guidance of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Music Department, as well as the CFO Office, district music officers enthusiastically help in their respective ecclesiastical districts’ musical activities, one of which is production of Iglesia Ni Cristo original song compositions. — With reports from INC News Section