Australia East District holds career expo for young brethren


Date Posted: September 25, 2021

The KADIWA and Binhi organizations in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia East conducted a Career Expo on September 5, 2021 to help and guide their respective members in choosing the profession or occupation they wish to practice someday. The activity, which was held online, attracted the interest and participation of young brethren from various local congregations in the district gathering.

Senior KADIWA members who were professionals served as resource speakers. One of them was Radison Pamiloza, KADIWA president in the Local Congregation of Gold Coast, Queensland.

“I feel humbled that I’ve been able to express what I do, as well as being able to inspire the brethren in being able to figure out what they want to do in their life,” he said. 

He and his fellow speakers shared with their younger brethren the nature of their work—from job demands to the perks and privileges that go with it—to help them gain insight into what career path to take in the future. They also gave essential tips on preparing and presenting a resume or curriculum vitae and answering job interview questions, among others.

Expressing the collective sentiment of the brethren who were in the cusp of finding what career path to take, Chelsea Castillo, a KADIWA officer from the Local Congregation of Minchinbury, New South Wales said, “We need advice or information about career choices that are out there for the future.”

Brother Richard Esperanza, minister of the gospel, concluded the seminar with an inspiring advice to the brethren, exhorting them to hold their devotional prayers when deciding about anything in their lives such as choosing their career path. In this way, he said, “they will always be guided toward the right decisions and allow them to enjoy life but most especially allow them to fulfill their duties to our Lord God.”

The attendees expressed thankfulness to the Church Administration for providing an avenue for them to learn about potential career choices and, more importantly, how to make sure that their eventual choice of profession would not impede their services to the Lord God. ― With reports from INC News Section