Australia West District leadership fosters increased propagation efforts


Date Posted: November 12, 2022

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In line with the Church Administration’s current campaign for higher results in the work of propagation, the leadership of the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West convened the Church officers from all congregations to all the more encourage them to increase their evangelistic efforts.

The district supervising minister, Brother Romeo Beltran, led the Church officers’ special gathering on October 14, 2022 at the house of worship of the Melbourne Congregation. The whole proceeding was livestreamed to various remote sites in different parts of the district, where other Church officers gathered.

During his homily, Brother Beltran pointed out from the Bible how the leaders of the Church in the first century were filled with joy whenever the Christians they administered bore fruits in abundance because it was for their own spiritual advancement. The same is true he said of the Church Administration today.

For this, the district minister urged the Church officers to lead all brethren under their care in bolstering their involvement in the works of sharing the true Christian faith so that more people may be counted among those blessed to be saved on the nearing Judgment Day. — With reports from INC News Section