Baptism continues in Southern Ontario


Date Posted: March 3, 2021

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On February 22, 2021, the Southern Ontario Ecclesiastical District in Canada conducted a baptism in the house of worship of Mississauga West, Ontario Local Congregation.

The district supervising minister, Brother Raul Adalla, preached God’s words to the candidates for baptism. He emphasized that the importance of receiving true baptism inside the Church Of Christ is—not only will they receive the forgiveness of their sins but most importantly, the hope of salvation.

Afterwards, the candidates for baptism took an oath of their membership. They vowed to fully obey all of the commandments of God upheld in the Church.

The holy occasion was also witnessed by the brethren all over the district from the confines of their homes as it was livestreamed through videoconferencing technology.

Despite the ongoing crisis brought about by the pandemic, Church members in this part of the world continue to do their part, unhindered in the intensive propagation of their faith—all for God’s glory. — With reports from INC News Section