Barcelona Congregation, Rizal: first baptism for the year yields aplenty


Date Posted: February 2, 2023

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For bearing abundant fruits in the work of propagation more than its goal for the year’s first period, the Local Congregation of Barcelona received approval from the Rizal Ecclesiastical District leadership for the new converts’ baptism to be conducted within its own place of worship.

“In other instances, baptismal candidates from our local congregation are baptized together with those from other local congregations. This time, with God’s help, the district leadership allowed that a baptism be held just for the fruits of the propagational efforts of our local congregation,” Brother Ryan Matre, resident minister, said.

Brother Alfonso Rico, district supervising minister, officiated at the sacred and momentous occasion, which was held on January 20, 2023.

“More are to be baptized in the coming months as the brethren here, led by the Church officers, are very active not only in sharing the true faith but even in caring for those who are in the process of joining the Church,” Brother Matre said.

Romeo Sadsad Jr., a deacon, expressed, “The sacrifices we made in sharing the true faith are outweighed by the joy of seeing more people receive baptism inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ),”

 “I feel a sense of fulfillment seeing that we are successful in leading people into the true Church,” fellow deacon, Rian Sabedra, concurred.

Jessica Cerbito, a former devout Catholic and one among those baptized that day, pointed out that “the Church Of Christ is really distinct from other religions. Here, I am sure that all the teachings are from the Bible. Here, I have certainty of salvation if I continue obeying all of God’s commands taught to me, something which I was reminded during the worship service before we were baptized.”

Considering as good examples the brethren that invited and helped her in the journey of conversion, she remarked that she will also “help in propagating the true faith to my relatives and friends.”

One of those instrumental in the calling of many of those who were baptized that day was Jeany Angus, a Light of Salvation (LOS) secretary. She said, “We would hike for approximately an hour to reach the hillside community, where the doctrinal instructees reside; and we would do so not just once but many times over as we had to make regular visitations together with a minister or ministerial worker. Yet, every step was worth it. Seeing that many of them have been baptized, words can’t describe our joy.”

After the baptism, the new members in Barcelona, were treated to a Welcome My Brethren event in a nearby events venue.

“On behalf of the brethren under my care, I thank the Almighty Father for helping us in the work of propagation. We will continue on, no matter what, in being active in all the Church endeavors,” expressed Mherold Bruan, a ministerial worker assigned in the Barcelona Congregation. — With reports from INC News Section.