Binhi in Negros Oriental orient members on entrepreneurship


Date Posted: April 21, 2022

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To orient the Binhi members on the advantages and challenges of starting a small business, the Ecclesiastical District of Negros Oriental, through the Christian Family Organizations (CFO), organized a seminar dubbed “Binhi Starters: Small Business.” The seminar was held on March 25, 2022 at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Dumaguete City. Binhi members from other local congregations, who were also gathered at their respective houses of worship, took part in the activity via videoconferencing.

“Even at a young age, we can develop entrepreneurial skills by means of starting a small business,” explained Feblits Sollano who served as the resource speaker.

An online entrepreneur and a Binhi officer from Dumaguete City Congregation, Feblits, discussed during the seminar what it takes to start a small business that can generate an income without impeding in one’s studies. She shared with the attendees the importance of having a clear goal in life and pursuing it.

“I learned in the seminar that I can earn by selling what the people in our barangay and other places need; items like food, water, drinks, among others,” said Jansty Elula, the Binhi congregation president.

Brother Troy Calimpong, the district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, reminded the young brethren that, more than anything, they need to be all the more steadfast in the faith because God holds all the blessings that people need. He enjoined them to continue in active participation in all Church activities launched by the Church Administration. — With reports from INC News Section