Binhi international conference: equipping the youth with leadership skills


Date Posted: April 19, 2023

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Officers of the Binhi organization from all over the Church met via videoconferencing on April 1, 2023 to enhance their capabilities related to their duties foremost of which is leading their fellow Christian youths in certain activities. The audiovisual room of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) School for Ministers in Quezon City, Philippines served as the main venue.

Spearheaded by the Christian Family Organizations Office (CFO), the Binhi Leaders International Conference gathered together the organization’s officers especially those at the district level to further educate them on leadership tasks geared towards accomplishing the organization’s noble goal of providing a conducive environment for the youths’ spiritual growth, unspoiled by the corrupt world.

Brother Angelo Eraño V. Manalo, the CFO Coordinator, conveyed the conference’s keynote through a Bible-based lecture in which he underscored the great worth of making the right decisions in life. He taught that even amidst a wicked world, the Christian youth must stand their ground to do good by adhering to God’s words written in the Bible. Learning to do so early in life secures for them a bright future as God has promised, he added.

Brother Jimuel Gatchalian, a CFO district overseer who accompanied the Binhi leaders from the Ecclesiastical District of Metro Manila South, said that through the conference, “the Church Administration aims to equip young members the necessary skills that they will use in fulfilling their duties.”

The CFO Coordinator’s keynote address was followed by a series of lectures on specific topics related to leadership chores such as conducting meetings and planning and organizing activities, which were delivered by ministers of the gospel, most of whom were with the CFO Office.

Jobel Anne Hayuhay, Binhi vice president of the Ecclesiastical District of Zamboanga del Sur, shared she learned that “An effective leader must not be selfish and short-sighted.” She added, “I will be instrumental in encouraging more young members to accept duties in the Church not only for their benefit but also for the Church’s future.”

On her part, the said district’s Binhi secretary, Lucilla Fyth Pulmano, resolved, “I will heed what I was reminded of, imitating the qualities that good leaders in God’s nation have.”

After the last of the lectures, the participants, now grouped by region, proceeded to virtual break-out rooms for discussion, led by a Binhi president of each of the eight ecclesiastical districts in Metro Manila, with regards important matters on the duties of the organization’s various committees.

“The conference gave us yet another source of inspiration,” enthused Shaira Roque, Binhi president of the Ecclesiastical District of Bulacan North, on behalf of her fellow young officers. “We are thankful to the Church Administration for providing us this activity. Truly, what we perform in the Church is vital for the welfare of our fellow youth. We’re guided not only towards achieving our aspirations in life but, above all, on how to live as true Christians should.” — With reports from INC News Section and CFO Office