Binhi members in Saint-Laurent learn about healthy diet


Date Posted: May 8, 2022

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On April 22, 2022, Binhi members from the Local Congregation of Saint-Laurent in the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, Canada, attended a seminar about the importance of having a healthy diet. The activity was held at the place of worship of the Local Congregation of Montreal and was facilitated by Amelia Ibañez and Venice Respicio, both Binhi officers.

In the activity, the attendees were advised to cut off unhealthy eating habits. The facilitators pointed out to them the five basic food groups, the recommended daily portions, as well as the healthy food pyramid. A question and answer portion capped the activity.

“The activity helps us become aware of what we consume and how we manage our habits to perform our duties and responsibilities the best we can,” said Ibañez. She presented to the attendees the recommended portions of daily consumptions of carbohydrates, protein, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and fats and oil.

“It is important for us to be informed about unhealthy habits and avoid junk foods,” said Respicio. “Food is a necessity in life, but we need a healthy diet to help us maintain our overall health. It provides the body with essential nutrition such as fluid, macro and micronutrients, and adequate calories.”

Through the activity, the Binhi members were reminded of the importance of keeping a healthy body that they use in their services to the Lord God. — With reports from INC News Section