Binhi members in the District of Hawaii Pacific get creative


Date Posted: March 6, 2022

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The Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii Pacific on February 13, 2022 hosted online “Binhi Get Creative,” an art activity participated in by the said teen members from various local congregations in the region.

It began with a short video tutorial shown to the attendees, providing them not only with a guide but also novel ideas on how to go about making a piece of art. They then applied the basic art principles they learned in crafting their own artwork, which they presented to their fellow Binhi members afterwards.


“I chose to draw a sunset and grass to show how beautiful life is,” said Matthew Espanto, vice president of Binhi in the Local Congregation of Pearl City. “It is better to spend time with fellow Binhi members even if it is online to share wonderful memories.”

Besides honing their art creativity together, such “kind of activity helps the Binhi members to have connections with each other and develop special bonds together and make new friends,” said Alyssa Talioaga, the Binhi district secretary from the Local Congregation of Kunia. — With reports from INC News Section