Bogo City District achieves target in evangelical mission


Date Posted: December 4, 2022

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The Ecclesiastical District of Bogo City, Cebu, successfully accomplished its goal to fill with guests the venue of the evangelical mission it conducted on November 11, 2022.

This was made possible by the efforts, with the help of the Lord God, of the brethren from various local congregations in the district working hand-in-hand to invite their friends and loved ones to the event.

Their common noble intention was not simply to fill the Tabuelan Astrodome but to share the true Christian faith to their guests through the scheduled study of the pure gospel of salvation.

Brother Dante Mujar, the district supervising minister, taught a Bible-based lesson about the need of truly worshiping God in order to receive salvation on the Day of Judgment. He pointed out to that it can be done only when one has been cleansed by the blood of the Saviors, that is, when one is inside the true Church Of Christ.

“The minister read the answers in the Bible,” Rachel Bulisao, a guest, said. “My husband, Dalton, and I have decided to find out more about the teachings of the Church Of Christ by attending Bible studies.”

“Although the brethren are busy in their livelihoods, still, they make time to participate in the missionary efforts of the Church,” said Brother Peter Luz,  district Light of Salvation overseer.

“As members of the Church Of Christ, it is our divine duty to share our faith and help in the intensive propagation,” the head deacon of the Putat Congregation, Antonio Sabrido, said in Cebuano. “We promise to unite with the aims of the Church Administration in helping in the intensive propagation of God’s words. — With reports from INC News Section