Bonding while learning: INC families in New Brunswick visit museum


Date Posted: March 8, 2023

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Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) families from two local congregations and two group worship services in New Brunswick, Canada all together went on a museum tour on February 18, 2023 thereby learn from their city’s rich heritage while at the same time enhancing their familial and brotherly bonds.

Parents and children from the congregations of Fredericton and Moncton and group worship services (GWS) in Miramichi and Saint John, all under the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, visited Resurgo Place in the city of Moncton.

This “state-of-the-art facility where Moncton heritage, technology and discovery intersect” ( houses the Moncton Museum, where the brethren explored the city’s rich past, and the Transportation Discovery Centre, where they saw on display various modes of transportation that impacted the city’s growth.

Parents and children alike enjoyed participating in hands-on activities, learning from the interactive and high-quality exhibits. “It gave us a chance to spend quality time together,” said Brother Joel Paningbatan, resident minister of the Local Congregation of Moncton.

“Revisiting the past is informative and fun,” enthused Jacey Dela Torre, Children’s Worship Service (CWS) member from the Miramichi GWS. — With reports from INC News Section