Brethren from Hindang travel to Himokilan Island to share faith


Date Posted: March 19, 2022

With the noble aim to proclaim God’s truths to many people, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) officers and members from the Local Congregation of Hindang conducted an evangelical mission in Himokilan Island, Hindang, Leyte, Philippines on February 27, 2022.

To reach Himokilan, largest among the four islands of Cuatro Islas, the brethren, led by Brother Marvin Garlitos, district supervising minister, traveled by motor boat for almost an hour from Hindang port.

The brethren and the Himokilan residents who accepted the invitation to listen to God’s teachings in the Bible upheld by the Church Of Christ gathered at the Himokilan covered court.

Brother Marvin Garlitos officiated the evangelical mission in which he expounded on the biblical truth that the true followers of Christ are found in His Church, namely, the Church Of Christ. As such, he pointed out, they received the hope to be saved come Judgment Day and dwell in the Holy City. He then extended an invitation to the residents to future Bible studies to further learned about God’s truths.

Winefredo Constanza, together with his family, attended the propagational activity. “We are determined to further examine the teachings of God inside the Church Of Christ. We will definitely attend the upcoming evangelical missions,” he said.

The recent evangelical mission in the Island was part of the intensive work of propagation of the Ecclesiastical District of Leyte West. The district have already scheduled propagational activities not only in Himokilan but as well as in other island communities.

Elegio Mobe III, the head deacon of Hindang, promised, “Together with the brethren, we will continue to remain united with the Church Administration in propagation works so that many people here will enlist as doctrinal instructees and know the proper way of worshiping God.” — With reports from INC News Section