Brethren from Macau join INC Sign Language website launch


Date Posted: November 29, 2021

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The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) has launched its Sign Language website, as witnessed on the television program “CSD on INCTV.”  

As an expression of unity with this latest endeavor of the Church to find more ways to reach out to the Deaf community, Church members from the Ecclesiastical District of Macau participated in the launching ceremony held on October 30, 2021.

As announced through a circular read throughout the Church, the website caters to the Deaf and differently-abled as well as those who are interested to learn Sign Language (SL). A unique feature of the website, the circular added, is the SL Dictionary, which features thousands of SL entries, including Iglesia Ni Cristo terminologies. 

When the online portal came online, brethren from Macau wasted no time to check out the website. They browsed through it, read and watched its contents, and took the time to share them to their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances through their respective social media accounts.

“I saw how the Church Administration truly cares for our Deaf brethren,” said Mark Adam Penecios upon visiting the website and sharing its contents to his friends who are nonmembers. The time he spent on the website was worth it as he learned to sign different basic terms, at such a short period of time.

He further shared that his interest in the website all the more grew as he was able to watch the INCinema 2021 feature film “Hanggang sa Huling Hininga (Until the Last Breath),” with SL interpretation. “Sign Language is important to bridge the gap between the hearing and the Deaf people,” he added. — With reports from INC News Section