Brethren from Mansaya, Iloilo unite for an evangelical mission


Date Posted: August 27, 2022

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“The purpose of the propagational activity is to help the people know the words of God or the truth that will lead them to salvation,” said Brother Jeremy Friolo, the resident minister of the Local Congregation of Mansaya in the Ecclesiastical District of Iloilo South, Philippines.

With this in mind, brethren from Mansaya, led by the Church officers, spent time inviting their loved ones and friends to attend the evangelical mission held on August 14, 2022, at their house of worship. Brother Armando Ernie, minister of the gospel, was sent by the Church Administration to lead the said propagational activity. Many brethren helped in inviting many people to hear the words of God.  


“Upon learning about the evangelical mission, I wasted no time inviting my relatives. I want them to benefit from the lesson they will hear during the evangelical mission,” said Salvador Zepeda Sr., a deacon. “I am thankful to God because many of my relatives accepted my invitation.”

“This is my second time to be invited to attend an evangelical mission,” said Remy Lubrico in Hiligaynon, one of the guests. “Tonight, I learned from the Bible that joining the Church Of Christ is necessary for salvation. I have decided to undergo Bible study on doctrines to know more about what must I do to be saved.” — With reports from INC News Section