Brethren in Dumaguete City distribute Pasugo magazines


Date Posted: May 27, 2021

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Heeding the call of the Church Administration to intensify the work of propagation, the Local Congregation of Dumaguete City, Ecclesiastical District of Negros Oriental, conducted a Pasugo distribution on May 18, 2021.

Church Of Christ members distributed free copies of the Pasugo: God’s Message magazine and religious pamphlets in the morning. Through the activity, they introduced to their fellowmen the Church Of Christ and some of the teachings it upholds.

Although busy from his work as a teacher, Mario Cagas, a deacon, said, “If there are opportunities to share our faith, we have to grab it. It is our duty as members of the true Church to spread the message of salvation to many people so they will  receive salvation on the Day of Judgment.”

Patrick Bariring, a choir member and a student, says he always finds time to unite with the Church’s endeavor of sharing the pure gospel no matter how busy his schedule is. “It feels good every time I talk with other people about my faith. That is why participating in the Pasugo drive allows me to encourage them to examine the teachings of God that we faithfully uphold,” he said.

On behalf of the brethren, Brother Julian Tomarong Jr., resident minister, expressed: “We thank our fellowmen who cordially accepted the religious reading materials we shared to them. Above all, we thank our Lord God for making us instrumental in making known to other people His message of salvation.” — With reports from INC News Section