Brethren in Incheon, South Korea learn about stress management


Date Posted: August 17, 2022

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On July 23, 2022, brethren enlisted in the Local Congregation of Incheon, Ecclesiastical District of South Korea, learned how to manage stress by attending a seminar sponsored by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) leadership. The said activity was held at their congregation’s place of worship.

Fermin Valdon, head deacon of Jeju-si Group Worship Service (GWS), served as the keynote speaker. He shared with the brethren the four A’s in stress management: Avoiding unnecessary stress and people that cause them; Altering the situation by being more flexible; Adapting by adjusting expectations and standards; and Accepting that there are situations beyond everyone’s control.

Afterwards, Brother Resty Bugarin, resident minister, gave biblical advice to the brethren, highlighting the importance of prayerfulness because God is always ready to help His faithful servants overcome difficulties in life.

“We thank our Lord God that by means of the Church Administration, we were able to conduct this activity which is relevant and timely,” enthused Lloyd Arman Reyes, a choir member, and one of the attendees. “On top of our personal problems, there are armed conflicts, the pandemic, and a lot of things. In the face of these, we were reminded to always ask for God’s help through prayers and to continue prioritizing obedience to His commandments.” — With reports from INC News Section