Brethren in Romblon tidy up coastal areas


Date Posted: January 4, 2022

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On December 8, 2021, brethren from local congregations situated in coastal areas of the island of Romblon, Philippines actively participated in a clean-up activity.

With cleaning tools such as broomsticks, rakes, trash bags or sacks, they tidied up stretches of public beachfront. Some of the coastal areas where the brethren cleaned were those in the Barangay Agapudlos in the Municipality of San Andres, as well as that in the Municipality of Odiongan.

“This activity aims to preserve our environment, help in maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings, and encourage the brethren to unite in such activity,” Elizabeth Sim, a district Buklod officer from the Local Congregation of Odiongan, explained.

Residents in the areas cleaned expressed appreciation of the brethren’s effort in showing concern for the environment.

“The brethren show their unity to the Church Administration, not only in the works of propagation and edification, but also in socio-civic activities such as this. We see the brethren here are active in cleaning the surroundings of our coastal area,” said Brother Jonas Igleserio, a ministerial worker from Odiongan Local Congregation. — With reports from INC News Section