Brethren in Sweden get together in virtual dinner


Date Posted: March 1, 2021

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Brethren from two local congregations in Sweden—Jönköping and Borås—in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe spent precious time with one another in a virtual dinner get-together on February 13, 2021.

They conversed with one another while eating dinner, just like what they used to do after every worship service before the pandemic.

“Before the pandemic we used to meet at one of the members’ home and ate and talked, sometimes we were out grilling, seeing and talking with one another make us close again. … Activities, such as this strengthen the bond between the members and give inspiration,” said Stefan Ekered, head deacon of Borås, Sweden Local Congregation.

“We had fun being part of this activity and we got closer to each other,” Lisa Sten, head secretary of Jönköping, Sweden Congregation, expressed.

The brethren greeted a birthday celebrant, one of the married couples who are expecting a baby, and another brother shared how to make Semla, a Swedish Cream Bun.

“I am so grateful to the Lord God and the Church Administration for having this kind of activity in our local congregation, because this is another way to visit the brethren and to socialize with them even if we are far from each other, celebrating their birthdays and milestones through this virtual activity,” said Emary Kozma, head secretary of Borås, Sweden Congregation.

“My commitment to God and to the Church Administration is to continue to participate in all Church activities since they strengthen my faith and make me more active inside the Church,” Lisa added.  — With reports from INC News Section