Brethren in Tuga, Kalinga train on basic life support


Date Posted: September 10, 2021

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Learning life-saving skills is definitely a plus especially for those in places that are distant from health care facilities. Aware of this, a Basic Life Support seminar was held by the Local Congregation of Tuga, Ecclesiastical District of Kalinga in the Philippines on August 30, 2021. It was held at the compound of their house of worship.

Lea Angelica Velo, nurse in a rural health unit in Kalinga, served as the keynote speaker. She discussed and demonstrated life-saving measures that are useful during emergencies, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

“It is important for our brethren to know basic life support because they can apply the skills and knowledge about this for their fellowmen in need and most especially, they will be able to save lives,” she said.

Having benefited from the seminar, Katrina Dumpao said, “I am delighted because this is truly a great help to us, to be of urgent assistance to our fellowmen if there is an emergency.” — With reports from INC News Section