Brethren in Western Europe delight over first Unity Games


Date Posted: September 9, 2022

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“This is truly very special for our district. Our district was established in 2019, but because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, it is only now that we can hold this. So, this is the very first Unity Games for our district. That is why the brethren are truly overwhelmed with joy and happiness,” Brother Marvin Adriano, district supervising minister, said.

On August 15, 2022, participants from various local congregations in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Monaco gathered at Sportcentrum Puyenbroeck, a sports complex in Wachtebeke, Belgium, for the INC Unity Games of the Ecclesiastical District of Western Europe.

Prior to the district-wide sports event, elimination matches in basketball, volleyball, soccer, chess, table tennis, and tug-of-war were conducted between local congregations in each of the aforementioned countries.

“To see the brethren in the district again is a joy. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, and most importantly this our first district Unity Games ever,” Eya-Paris Alejo, volleyball player from Marseille, France Congregation, said.

The day’s program began with the parade of the players representing each country, joined by the ministers and their families. The games commenced after the players took their oath of sportsmanship.

“The unity among members inside the Church Of Christ is evident,” Brother Christian Justin Reyes, district CFO overseer, explained. “Playing in these games strengthen our love of the brotherhood in the Church. This brotherhood is unique that even though it’s a competition, we’ll still show our love for the brethren. We’ll help them up if they fall and if someone has a hard time then we’ll encourage them. That’s how we are inside the Church Of Christ,” he added.

Brother Adriano led the awarding of trophies to the winners during the closing ceremony. “We thank our Lord God and the Church Administration for giving us this opportunity to have our district Unity Games.” — With reports from INC News Section