British Columbia commemorates Buklod anniversary with special gathering


Date Posted: December 22, 2021

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In commemoration of the 59th founding anniversary of the Buklod organization, married members from the Ecclesiastical District of British Columbia conducted a special gathering on November 28, 2021.

In the said gathering, wherein they offered praises and thanks to the Lord God for His abiding help and guidance to the organization, new Buklod officers mostly in the local congregation level also took their oath.


Brother Moriel Cadacio, the district supervising minister, led the gathering from the house of worship of the Burnaby Local Congregation. Three other venues, connected via videoconferencing, were the places of worship of the local congregations of Surrey, Victoria, and Vancouver West.

The brethren were given guidance and counsel on how God wants us to lead our family not only to become closer to Him, but most of all, to be saved come the Day of Judgment. We were reminded to always live in holiness and uphold a righteous way of life,” Brother Cadacio said in an interview.

“The husband and the wife should both strive to grow and learn inside our relationship as a married couple and that we always have [God,] our Father in heaven, to guide us and to rely on,” Mark Gibson, Buklod congregation president in Burnaby, said, reflecting on the exhortation he heard that day. “I believe that family devotional prayer is important to keep the bond of the husband and wife and their children together. It is a way of teaching our children to always trust in our Lord God and to strengthen the bond of the family.”

 “We are thankful to the Church Administration, our beloved Executive Minister, for giving us this opportunity to once again conduct a special gathering for the 59th anniversary of the Buklod Organization,” said Brother Cadacio. ― With reports from INC News Section