British Columbia KADIWA spearheads online evangelical mission


Date Posted: August 29, 2021

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Embracing God’s teaching that participating in the intensified work of propagation glorifies Him, KADIWA members in the British Columbia Ecclesiastical District continue to wholeheartedly fulfill this command of His as they spearheaded an online evangelical mission on August 20, 2021.

The brethren invited their friends and relatives to the online Bible study by sending via social media the link to the videoconference room designated for the event.

Brother Felmar Serreno, a minister of the gospel, led the study of God’s words. Preaching at the Local Congregation of Surrey’s house of worship, he taught the importance of firmly believing to God’s words written in the Holy Scriptures, which is the sole basis of faith and of service to God that lead to salvation on the nearing Judgment Day.

“It is our hope that the guests and attendees have taken with them inspiration, hope, and clarity. We hope that they are inspired to turn to the Bible, to learn more about the Holy Scriptures, what we believe and have faith in as members of the Church Of Christ, based on the Bible,” said Brother Serreno in an interview. — With reports from INC News Section