Brother Felix Manalo's birth anniversary commemorated in Sorsogon via evangelical mission


Date Posted: May 28, 2023

The Ecclesiastical District of Sorsogon, in the Philippines, hosted a district-wide evangelical mission on May 9, 2023 in commemoration of the 137th birth anniversary of Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) firmly believes that Brother Felix Manalo (1886-1963) is God’s Messenger in these last days as attested to in the Bible.

The propagational activity was held at the Casiguran Gymnasium in the town of Casiguran. Brother Ruel R. Reyes, district supervising minister, led the study of God’s words. Based on the Bible, he emphasized the importance of the Church Of Christ for people to be able to carry out true worship of God and thereby attain salvation on the Day of Judgment.

The brethren enthusiastically united in inviting guests to the evangelical mission. Sister Buetilyn Lerio, a deaconess from the Local Congregation of M. Roxas, said, “With the help and mercy of our Almighty God, I was able to invite three guests.” One of the guests she invited was Malanie Mejera, who shared, “I’ve examined various religions, and now I’m interested in learning more about the teachings upheld by the Iglesia Ni Cristo to understand the differences between it and the other religions I’ve encountered.”

Brother Thomas Tareno II, assistant district supervising minister, enthused, “Propagational activities, such as this, will help our fellowmen know who the true God is for them to render true worship of Him.” — With reports from Febbie San Pedro of INC News Section