Buklod members in Downtown Congregation learn to start a business


Date Posted: April 24, 2021

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On April 9, 2021, Buklod members from the Local Congregation of Downtown, Alberta in the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary conducted an online livelihood seminar on how to start a business.

The Buklod Christian Family Organization (CFO) officers of the congregation spearheaded the activity. Brethren connected through videoconferencing to learn the inside and out of starting a new business.

Mary Maranon, one of the guest speakers and a deaconess from the Local Congregation of Downtown, gave advice and tips. She said, “It is very important to consider what they are very passionate about because everything that we do comes from the heart. And if we are just doing something out of wanting to make a living, it doesn’t really last.”

“This is to help the Buklod members who are looking to create or start a business and also gives us some ideas on how to do it,” said Crisvan Ariola, the Buklod congregation vice-president.

He added, “As Buklod members, these kinds of activities help us and give us additional ideas for our livelihood, which can help us in our day to day lives, and most especially in serving our Lord God.”

“It is timely to have this activity because as we know, we are experiencing this pandemic, many of the Buklod members are having a hard time to earn a living,” said Jessie Leo Malangen, Buklod president of the local congregation.

The brethren benefitted in the activity and promised to continue to unite with the Church Administration. ― With reports from INC News Section