Buklod members in Pavia Congregation spearhead evangelical mission


Date Posted: September 23, 2022

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Married couples or members of the Buklod organization in the Local Congregation of Pavia, Ecclesiastical District of Iloilo South, Philippines, spearheaded an evangelical mission held on August 28, 2022.

“When I learned the schedule of the evangelical mission, I held devotional prayers to God. I then invited the members of the senior citizens’ organization in our village. I expected only three of them to attend, but to my surprise, more went with me,” Noemi Umadhay, said.

Other brethren invited their loved ones and acquaintances to the propagational activity that was held at their congregation’s house of worship. Brother Reynaldo Franco Jr., minister of the gospel, led the preaching of God’s words.

Nemia Subosa, expressed, “I am happy for I was able to bring guests to the activity. I was able to fulfill my duty to invite people to listen to God’s words.”

“This activity of the members of the Buklod organization is their contribution to the intensified propagation of God’s words. It is also a part of the activities lined up in connection with the anniversary of their organization this year,” said Brother Franco. “We promise to our Lord God that we will never cease in doing our part in sharing the true faith, especially now that Judgment Day is truly near.”—With reports from INC News Section