Buklod seminar in the District of Northern Europe raises diabetes awareness


Date Posted: March 17, 2022

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An online health seminar held by the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe raised diabetes awareness among the Buklod members from various local congregations.

Held on February 27, 2022, the seminar aimed to enlighten the married couples regarding what medical professionals have dubbed the “silent killer,” which is the ninth leading cause of death worldwide, according to a 2019 survey by the World Health Organization.

Janet Valle, a nurse and a Buklod officer, shared to her fellow members details as to what causes diabetes, the complications that follow, and the available medical treatment. She discussed various healthy habits and stress reduction exercises to avoid diabetes.

“Brethren became aware and more cautious about their physical well-being. Indeed, activities like this are very beneficial to us as we learn something useful for our physical well-being,” Rosalie Heiskanen, a deaconess, observed.

Janet explained that the seminar aimed “to help [the attendees] make positive changes that will benefit their overall health, preventing sicknesses that might hinder them from fulfilling their duties to the Lord God.” — With reports from INC News Section