Buklod special gathering in Hawaii Pacific inspires attendees


Date Posted: January 8, 2022

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A special gathering for married brethren hosted by the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii Pacific on December 17, 2021 brought inspiration to married couples across the district. It was held in commemoration of the 59th founding anniversary of the Buklod organization.

From the Local Congregation of Waipahu, the host site, the preaching of Brother Noel Caritativo, the district supervising minister, was streamed live to multiple venues throughout the district.

Through the homily, the members of the Buklod organization in the district were reminded of the God-prescribed way of managing their family. The role of the parents in leading their children in a righteous way of life was also reiterated.

“The special gathering was a significant one” said Brother Elmer Sarmiento, the overseer of the Committee on Edification (COE) in the district. “We know that the Buklod organization has a very important role in strengthening the families inside the Church and in particular, the relationship of the husbands and wives.”

The brethren promise the Lord God that they will always be united with the Church Administration and be steadfast in the faith by putting their hope in the grace that would be ours.

The ecclesiastical district supervises 25 local congregations in the Hawaiian Islands as well as a Group Worship Service in Samoa. The district office is situated within the compound of the Local Congregation of Pearl City. ― With reports from INC News Section