Bulacan West thrives in missionary activities


Date Posted: March 21, 2023

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In response to the call of the Church Administration to further intensify the propagation of the gospel, the Ecclesiastical District of Bulacan West in the Philippines spearheaded two district-wide evangelical missions last February, one of which included giving of care packages and free health services to the community.

In the evangelical mission held at the house of worship of the Malolos Local Congregation on February 21, 2023, Brother Librado Santos, district supervising minister, preached from the Bible the inevitable truth that people must be members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) being the true Church established by the Lord Jesus Christ.

A total of 1,137 guests attended the event, many of whom decided to enlist as doctrinal instructees. Asked about the preparations made by the brethren from the Bulakan Local Congregation organized for this activity, Antonio Llagas, head deacon, shared, “We didn’t just hand out copies of Pasugo magazine. We asked God for His help through prayers.”

Jerard Dominic Paraiso, KADIWA president of Look II Congregation, also voiced his conviction: “Helping in the intensive propagation of God’s words is pleasing to God because doing so is leading more people back to Him.”

“The district of Bulacan West is always united with the Church Administration and its endeavors especially in propagating the words of God,” said Brother Librado.

“One of our concerns now is reaching out to our fellowmen in the remote areas or places under our district’s jurisdiction for them to know the truths and be saved on the Day of Judgment,” he added. 

Meanwhile, ten days earlier, on February 11, a delegation of brethren from the district traveled an approximately 30-minute motorboat ride to reach the island of Sapang Kawayan, Masantol, Pampanga to conduct an outreach-evangelical mission.

The Christian Medical Dental and Paramedical Society (CMDPS) officers led the outreach part of the activity, availing the residents of free health services and medicines. They were even treated to the talented performances of brethren singing their rendition of some Iglesia Ni Cristo Music.

During the study of God’s words, Brother Librado Santos taught from the Bible how the Iglesia Ni Cristo can relieve people of their day-to-day problems, especially the worst one, which is eternal punishment on Judgment Day.

Right after the evangelical mission, the brethren distributed care packages that contained several food items.

“Humanitarian activities like this seldom happen in our community,” said Haydie Reyes, the barangay (village) captain. “That’s why I’m so grateful to the Iglesia Ni Cristo.” — With reports from INC News Section