Bulacan’s Tagisan ng Talino district finals held online


Date Posted: November 18, 2021

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“CWS members were able to join the activity from the comfort of their homes through videoconferencing. The CWS leadership made the activity possible even though children in this time of the pandemic are prohibited to go out,” enthused Kimberly Shaine Mangahas, a CWS officer from the Local Congregation of Niugan.

Finalists of the Tagisan ng Talino (battle of the wits) of Pagsamba ng Kabataan (PNK) or Children’s Worship Services (CWS) members from Bulacan District met online for the district finals on October 30, 2021.

“I am very happy to be part of this activity launched by the Church Administration for CWS members,” said Renz Kharl Culilap of Bulihan Congregation, a CWS member. “Such activity helped us to remember God’s teachings in the Church and strengthened our faith.”

Parents also showed their support to their children. Karla Culilap with her husband Mar Laurence, Renz Kharl’s parents, said in an interview, “As parents, we helped our son review some CWS lessons. We also conducted devotional prayers to ask for God’s guidance and help. We taught our son about the value of praying and to put our trust to the Lord God.”

Through such an activity, “the knowledge of CWS members about God’s teachings upheld in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ)” grows, Mangahas added.

Winners are as follows. Champion: Renz Culilap from Bulihan Congregation; 1st runner up: Lara Venice Mina from Niugan Congregation; 2nd runner up: Prinzes Dela Peña from San Jose Congregation; and 3rd runner up: Princess Roy from Pulo-San Rafael Congregation. ― With reports from INC News Section