Burrows Congregation hosts Aid to Humanity, shares faith in Dryden, Ontario


Date Posted: March 16, 2022

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Moved by faith, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from the Local Congregation of Burrows, Ecclesiastical District of Manitoba traveled to Dryden, Ontario, more than 900 kilometers distant, not only to host an Aid to Humanity event but, most importantly, share the true faith on February 27, 2022.

The house of Shaun Cerezo, a Church Of Christ member and a resident of Dryden, served as the humanitarian mission’s base of operation. From there, the brethren went into the immediate neighborhood, handing over care packages filled with hygiene essentials and nonperishable food items door-to-door. As they did so, they also took the chance to invite the residents to a more important mission—an evangelical one—scheduled later that day.

During the evangelical mission for the proclamation of God’s words, the brethren, together with the guests, gathered at the Cerezo residence, which also served as the main site of the propagational event. Other brethren sent their guests links via the internet that they might hear God’s words from their homes through videoconferencing. 

Brother Rafael Minorca, resident minister of Burrows, preached about the masterplan that God prepared in the beginning for man’s welfare, which is being among His true servants whom He blesses and will save on Judgment Day.

“Everything happens for a reason and purpose. God is good,” remarked John Arvin Amadora, a guest. His friend and fellow guest, Merry Melody Capoy, said, “I felt there’s something missing in me. But when the minister read the Bible verses, I was overwhelmed.” Having been enlightened with God’s words, both were delighted as many of their long-held questions, about the true Church and salvation, were answered. — With reports from INC News Section