Cagayan West holds consecutive baptisms


Date Posted: October 4, 2021

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“My sibling’s efforts to share their faith to me, [paved the way for me] to learn the biblical teaching that it is only the Church Of Christ that will be saved,” said Virgilio Cascayan, who in turn encouraged his wife and their children to listen to the pure gospel.

With God’s mercy, they were altogether baptized in mid-September in one of two consecutive baptisms the Ecclesiastical District of Cagayan West held at the Sanchez Mira Local Congregation’s house of worship.

On September 17, 2021, the district supervising minister, Brother Faustino Lelis, led the baptism while Brother Abraham Carbonel Sr., assistant district supervising minister, led the occasion on the following day, September 18.

During the homily before the baptismal proper, each officiating minister encouraged the prospective members to safeguard their faith and uphold a Christian way of life. The minister explained that they ought to heed God’s call, which the Executive Minister always reminds Church members, to completely renew their lives especially that the Day of Judgment is now very close. 

“I thank God because I finally received my baptism together with my family. I also thank Him for not abandoning us. He brought us in the true services where true salvation dwells,” expressed Virgilio.

Brother Elvin Gundayao, a minister of the gospel, promised, “We will always be united with the Executive Minister in taking care of the brethren to remain firm in their faith and become worthy of receiving God’s blessings and salvation on Judgment Day.” — With reports from INC News Section