Calipkip KADIWA members attend seminar on photography, socmed awareness


Date Posted: April 26, 2022

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On April 3, 2022, KADIWA members from the Local Congregation of Calipkip, Ecclesiastical District of Nueva Vizcaya, attended a photography and social media or “socmed” awareness seminar. The activity was held at the local congregation’s house of worship.

Through the seminar, the brethren learned about the basics of photography. Members of the district multimedia team, like Kimberlee Reasonda, shared tips on how to take good photos, even by just using the ubiquitous smart phones. The attendees were also taught not just about the benefits of using social media but the dangers it brings.

“Through social media posts, we can reach out to nonmembers and ignite their interest to know more about the Church activities and the enthusiasm of the brethren,” Kimberlee explained.

Leonida Gaspar, a KADIWA officer from the local congregation, said in an interview, “This is a big help to us. We can use the guidelines in photography that we learned in properly documenting the upcoming activities in our local congregations. Socmed awareness proved to be an eye-opener to us.”

“Before the activity concluded, we reminded the attendees of their duty to be responsible users of social media. Being members of the Church Of Christ, what they do online can affect how people perceive the Church. We emphasized to them that although there are hindrances in learning new skills, such as in photography, they should not give up finding ways to learn new skills, so they will not only grow as individuals but, more importantly, they can be of help to their fellow members of the Church,” said Brother Mark Godoy, the district multimedia team adviser. — With reports from INC News Section