Catanduanes KADIWA, Binhi members assemble for Youth Summit


Date Posted: December 4, 2022

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In response to the call of the Church Administration to attend to the welfare of Iglesia Ni Cristo youth, a Christian Family Youth Summit, was held by the Ecclesiastical District of Catanduanes.

KADIWA and Binhi members convened in various sites all over the district on November 11, 2022 for the said event. The young brethren also took the opportunity to invite their friends and colleagues to attend.

The highlight of the activity was the presentation of a prerecorded video program called “What You Watch Matters.”

In the video, Brother Charmil Castro, a minister assigned in the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office, emphasized that Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members are not prohibited from using “social media platforms. What we are teaching to everyone is to be cautious and meticulous. Just because something that is seen in social media is already done by the majority, it does not follow that such is what is correct. Whatever is seen in social media that goes against biblical teachings is wrong.”

In the program, the true-to-life story of two young individuals whose irresponsible use of social media created problems for them, were shown. The second half featured Bible-based counsel by ministers of the gospel so the Christian youth, wherever they are, may be guided in the proper use of social media.

At the conclusion of the activity, KADIWA and Binhi officers facilitated fun games and entertainment numbers, bringing the participants closer to one another.—With reports from INC News Section