CBI members from 11 districts gather for a special worship service


Date Posted: March 20, 2023

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Members of the Christian Brotherhood International (CBI) from 11 ecclesiastical districts attended a special worship service on February 26, 2023 with the Local Congregation of Tundo as the host site.

Attendees from the eight ecclesiastical districts in Metro Manila, Philippines, namely, Caloocan North, CAMANAVA, Central, Makati, Maynila, Metro Manila East, Metro Manila South, and Quezon City gathered at the said congregation’s house of worship. Those from ecclesiastical districts outside the Philippines, that of Australia West, Australia East, and New Jersey, joined through livestreaming.

Brother Joel V. San Pedro, a minister of the gospel from the Church’s Overseas Mission Office, officiated. He biblically taught the congregants how they, being true Christians, must prepare for the nearing Day of Judgment, highlighting the Bible’s prohibition on drinking alcoholic beverages and getting intoxicated.

After the worship service was the meet-and-greet of the attendees at their respective districts. As they enjoyed participating in games, they were also treated to a variety of musical performances by select talented brethren.

Sheena Mae Terwel from the Local Congregation of Cubao, Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City, shared, “I am thankful to our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for the special worship service. We truly feel his concern for us. He doesn’t want us to do anything that will lead us away from serving God. Instead, he wants all of us to be assured of salvation. On my part, I will uphold living as true Christians should.”

The organization inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) for the student-brethren, CBI aims at strengthening Christian fellowship among its members while they also strive to excel in their academic performances. — With reports from INC News Section