CBI members from District of Central host evangelical mission


Date Posted: November 5, 2022

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Members of the Christian Brotherhood International (CBI) from the Ecclesiastical District of Central took the opportunity to share the true faith to their classmates and teachers by inviting them to an evangelical mission on October 14, 2022; they brought their guests to the 2,000- seater house of worship of the Local Congregation of Luzon Avenue.


Prior to the evangelical mission, CBI chapters established in various colleges and universities in and around the District of Central held meetings to make the activity a success. “It is important for us to attend to our academic needs but we will always be willing to put up extra effort for our Christian duties. Our chapter officers conducted devotional prayers for the activity. We used our social media accounts, our school’s bulletin board, and even scheduled Pasugo: God’s Message magazine distribution as part of our efforts to invite nonmembers to the study of God’s words,” said Tracy Angelie Aloria, a medical student and a CBI District officer.

In the evangelical mission, Brother Ralfie Gumato, a minister-instructor in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) School For Ministers, preached a Bible-based lesson on the importance of being obedient to the Lord God in order to be blessed with success and, above all, salvation come the day of Judgment. He emphasized that it is God’s command that man be redeemed by Christ’s blood in order to be saved.

 Reflecting on the topic, Natasha Galibut, a college student and one of the guests, said: “As I entered the chapel, I was amazed by how solemn the event was. I can’t help but admire the design of the building. My experience with the event was made more pleasant as the topic was about obeying God by being a member of the Church Of Christ. I’m willing to devote time to know more about this Church.”

Highlighting the significance of the event, Brother Gumato said, “The activities of the CBI are geared to the edification of the faith of the brethren who are enrolled in various colleges and universities. Through these, they are protected from the temptations around them. Seeing them unite for this propagational activity is proof that they remain strong in the faith.” —With reports from INC news section