CEA members in Spain celebrate anniversary via special gathering


Date Posted: November 26, 2022

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Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from the Ecclesiastical District of Spain, who belong to the Christian Employees Association (CEA), attended a special gathering on November 8, 2022, in commemoration of their organization’s 36th anniversary.

The house of worship of the Local Congregation of Barcelona served as the host site; other local congregations and Group Worship Services (GWS) connected via videostreaming. Brother Froilan Enriquez Jr., district supervising minister, officiated at the occasion.

With the working conditions of those employed in Spain considered by the Church Administration, the brethren-employees were reminded that a true Christian’s goal even when he has to complete tasks at work is to make his duties to God his topmost priority.

Being an office administrator, Benjamin Jimenez, head deacon from the Local Congregation of Barcelona, attests that his work requires his “full attention and presence all the time.” But, he added, “Even if it means working for longer hours, I make sure to attend to my Church duties. I firmly believe God is always there to help me, as long as I see to it that fulfilling my Church duties, especially during worship services, is my top priority.”

“As reminded to us, God wants to always bless His true servants. That is why special gatherings like this are important to provide us timely reminders, to live a life worthy before God’s sight, worthy of His promised blessings,” said Patrick Millard Dela Rosa, head deacon from the Local Congregation of Bilbao. — With reports from INC News Section