Central Europe District holds evangelical missions four days straight


Date Posted: May 11, 2024

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Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from all local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Central Europe participated in district-wide evangelical missions that were held on four consecutive days, from April 26 to 29, 2024.

Brother Joel Catalan, the district supervising minister, officiated on the 26th and 29th at the places of worship of the local congregations of Zurich, Switzerland and Heidelberg, Germany, respectively.

April 27 to 28 saw more ministers of the gospel lead similar events at other places of worship. They were brothers Henry Philip Manguiat, district Church officers overseer, (Hamburg, Germany); Christian Reynoso, district Light of Salvation overseer, (Bonn, Germany), both on April 27; Jason Dulalas, assistant district supervising minister, (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and Gerardo Aliermo, district edification overseer (Frankfurt, Germany), on April 28.

The officiating ministers preached about the necessity of being a member of the true Church Of Christ to receive salvation and eternal life on Judgment Day.

“I’m so thankful and glad for inviting me to this event,” said Kenneth Escalona, a guest from Rotterdam. “It’s a very pleasant experience to hear the truth the minister preached. I can be sure that’s the truth for he was reading the Bible. I believe that the teachings here in the Church Of Christ will guide me for the better.”

“I’ve been to different churches before and nothing is quite like the Church Of Christ,” said Angela Florentina, a guest, who attended at Hamburg house of worship. “Everything here makes sense as the lessons are taught from the Bible. My path is now clear and my questions about religion have been answered,” she added.

Both guests, like many others in the different congregations, enlisted as doctrinal instructees as per record of the Light of Salvation Committee.

“Through the brethren’s unity led by the ministers, ministerial workers, and Church officers, we were able to share the pristine gospel to guests of different nationalities,” Brother Catalan said. “This shows the ever-present help of our Almighty God in the Church’s work of propagating God’s words.” — With reports from Eva-Marie Krause of INC News Section