CFO Day brings together families in Hawaii Pacific District for fun, bonding


Date Posted: May 27, 2023

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The Christian Family Organizations Day brought together brethren from all over the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii Pacific for a day of fun and bonding moment.

CFOs include chiefly the Buklod, KADIWA, Binhi, as well as the Children’s Worship Service and Christian Brotherhood International, so that meant practically the whole family were there.

Families of brethren from the four major islands of Hawaii, namely, Big Island, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu got together at the compound of the Ewa Beach Local Congregation’s house of worship on April 30, 2023 to join in fun activities, further tightening their familial bond but also their ties with their Christian brethren.

Families from as far as Naalehu traveled for about two and a half hours to Ewa Beach. Some of the attendees also brought guests to take part in the family organizations’ event.

“It was a wonderful time we’re having,” Earl Stuckey, a guest of the brethren from the Local Congregation of Waikiki, observed. “All these beautiful children, family, and community, people from around the island and the neighborhood are sharing in a time of enjoyment.”

Brother Gem Baitan, district supervising minister, spearheaded the activity together with the district leadership and CFO officers.

CFO officers staged and facilitated various booths of games and refreshments for the parents, children, and guests. Tokens of appreciation were given to the winners of various fun games.

“In this event we once more upheld the unity and love of the brotherhood in the Church,” Ryan Reddick, a secretary from Ewa Beach Local Congregation, said. — With reports from Brian Aniciete of INC News Section