CFO sponsors entrepreneurship webinar for Chonburi brethren


Date Posted: April 27, 2022

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To help the brethren from the Chonburi Group Worship Service (GWS) in the Ecclesiastical District of Thailand find alternative sources of income, the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) leadership of the district sponsored a livelihood seminar that focused on how to put up a small business. The activity was held on March 26, 2022.

Via videoconferencing, Gem Martle Pacson, a business owner based in Quezon City, Philippines, shared tips on the topic. She detailed to them the necessary steps to be taken prior to putting up a business venture which include doing research on the available market. She emphasized on the attendees the importance of coming up with an effective strategy on the promotion of a product. Later on the activity, she answered questions from the brethren in Chonburi during which she pointed out to them the benefits of entrepreneurship.


Before the webinar concluded, Brother Maximino Vito, resident minister of Chonburi GWS, reminded the brethren that while it is important to work hard for a living, much more God expects His chosen to be hardworking in the works for the Lord or Church activities.

“Activities like this are sponsored by the CFO from time to time in order to provide the brethren with new and necessary knowledge to help them discover alternative means of livelihood, especially these days when people are hard pressed because of the impact of the pandemic on the economy,” Brother Junie Alarin, the district CFO overseer, said in an interview.  — With reports from INC News Section