Children in Spruce Meadows Congregation make thank-you cards for parents


Date Posted: May 13, 2023

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“The Parents Appreciation Day led by our older brothers and sisters in the faith was a very fun activity. We made cards to show how thankful and blessed we are to have our parents. I’m very blessed to have my parents because they are my best friends!” enthused Nathan Izaac Padillo, Children’s Worship Service (CWS) member from the Local Congregation of Spruce Meadows, Ecclesiastical District of Calgary, Canada.

Together with fellow children members from the said local congregation, he participated in the “Parents Appreciation Day” that was led by CWS teachers and officers on April 16, 2023.

The event started with a brief introduction by Bea Sanchez, CWS president, emphasizing the importance of expressing gratitude to our loved ones, especially our parents.

Using colorful papers and markers, the young members made their thank-you cards, pasting on it cut out images of hearts, flowers, and even drawings of their families, along with messages of appreciation for their parents. While some created theirs independently, others collaborated with friends, sharing ideas and materials,  with the CWS officers and teachers assisting them.

“It’s a great experience. I felt good after making my card for dad and mom because I love them with all my heart. In my card, I showed how much I love and appreciate all the things they do for me,” shared Karter Barbosa, CWS choir member.

Right after the activity, the children presented their cards to their parents, who reciprocated such token of love and appreciation with gratitude, hugs, and kisses. — With reports from Rafael Lagatic of INC News Section