Church Administration grants opening of Saint Helens GWS in Oregon


Date Posted: April 20, 2022

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As part of caring for the continually increasing Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) membership in the Ecclesiastical District of Oregon, the Church Administration approved the establishment of the Saint Helens Group Worship Service (GWS).

Its members conducted the inaugural worship service on March 30, 2022, with no less than district supervising minister Brother Dernilo R. Pascua leading them.

The momentous occasion took place at the residence of the McColloughs along Six Dees Lane, Saint Helen, Oregon, Columbia. Out of their good heart, the family offered a part of their home to be the place of worship of the newly established GWS.

In his preaching, Brother Pascua cited from the Bible that Church Of Christ members ought to be prayerful, be obedient to God’s commands to them, and firmly uphold a righteous way of life. He reminded the congregants that as God’s people, they have His promise of abundant blessings in this life and, most of all, salvation on the Day of Judgment.

An oath taking of the congregation’s key officers followed after the homily. Brethren from other congregations of the district witnessed this momentous gathering via videoconferencing.

The members of the Saint Helen GWS used to travel 40 miles to attend worship services with the Local Congregation of Hillsboro.

“This is a manifestation of God’s blessings to our district and to the Church in its entirety,” Brother Rod Christopher Reyes, resident minister, said of the establishment of the GWS. On behalf of its members, he added: “We will all the more share our faith so that more people in this part of the world will be called inside the true Church.” — With reports from INC News Section