Church officers in Calgary conduct series of district-wide evangelical missions


Date Posted: December 13, 2022

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In fulfillment of the biblical teaching that Christians bear fruits of holiness in abundance, Church officers from all local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary, in Canada, conducted a series of evangelical missions for the proclamation of God’s words throughout the month of November 2022.

“I always include in my prayers to God that He help me to obey Him and fulfill my duties, including the abundant fruit bearing in the works of sharing the true faith,” said Daisy Bertulfo, a Church officer from the Local Congregation of Riverbend, one of those who enthusiastically participated. “I am firm in my resolve that nothing can hinder me in performing my Church obligations.”

On November 13, officers in the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) joined hands in bringing guests to the house of worship of the Downtown Congregation, while the Light of Salvation (LOS) officers brought their invitees to the hall of the Willow Ridge Community Association. The said evangelistic events were officiated at by Brother Emmanuel Español and Brother Marlon Guinto, respectively.

The following day, November 14, officers in the Finance department held an evangelical mission in the place of worship of the Forest Heights Congregation, which was officiated by Brother Ramil Macaspac. The Secretariat and Committee on Edification (COE), on the other hand, brought their guests to the Pineridge Congregation’s place of worship for them to hear the preaching of the pure gospel by Brother Rolando Gaviola, district supervising minister.

Meanwhile, choir members sponsored an evangelical mission officiated at by Brother Guinto, on November 25, in the hall of the Falconridge Community Association. That same day, deacons, deaconesses, and group overseers, worked together to bring many guests to the Capitol Hill congregation’s place of worship, where Brother Macaspac preached God’s words.

One of the guests, Ismahane Desnoulet, said of the evangelical mission that “It was a really welcoming and interesting event.” She added, “What I found most interesting is the fact that there are people nowadays who invite others to learn more about their religion and learn how to be saved. I think it’s good for the Church Of Christ to do that.”— With reports from INC News Section