Church officers in Caribbean District urged to stay focused on duties


Date Posted: January 25, 2023

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During their first special gathering for 2023, the Church officers of the congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Caribbean received encouragement to stay focused on performing their sacred duties well for the sake of the Church.

District supervising minister, Brother Esteban P. Inocencio, who officiated at the special gathering said that in such significant occasion, Church officers are reminded of “God’s teachings for them to remain one in spirit with the Church Administration, led by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, and to stay focused on their duties.”

The special gathering held on January 8, 2023 had as the main venue the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Miami, Florida, in whose compound could be found the district office. The rest of the congregations, mostly located in the countries in the Caribbean, connected to the host site via videoconferencing.

In his homily, Brother Inocencio reminded the Church officers that as helpers of the Church Administration, they have a vital role to play so that the brethren under their care, and their congregations as a whole, reach Christian maturity and be worthy of salvation. He urged them to persist toward this noble goal no matter what happens.

“In this gathering, I gained more courage to make sure that I can bring praise to God by holding on firmly to my duty and be a good example for the brethren,” Sheena Trapal, a secretary from the Local Congregation of Grand Cayman Island, said. “Regardless of challenges in life, I will fulfill my duty in the Church.”

The attendees also witnessed the swearing in of 10 new Church officers in Miami by Brother Ruben Bustos Jr., assistant district supervising minister. — With reports from INC News Section