Concern for fellowmen expressed via blood donation by NCR districts


Date Posted: May 13, 2024

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Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members in various ecclesiastical districts in the National Capital Region (NCR), and others in Central Luzon, Philippines, participated in blood donation drives over the month of April. These humanitarian activities were held through the combined efforts of their respective district leadership, the Church’s Social Services Office (SSO), Christian Medical Dental and Paramedical Society (CMDPS), and partner medical institutions.

Among the local congregations which hosted the said events on April 6, 2024 were Mapulang Lupa, in the Ecclesiastical District of CAMANAVA (35 blood bags collected); Olongapo, Ecclesiastical District of Zambales South (52); San Nicolas, Ecclesiastical District of Manila (42); and Better Living, Ecclesiastical District of Makati (32).

On April 9, 2024, the Local Congregation of Sampaloc, Ecclesiastical District of Manila, collected a total of 100 blood bags. These were then distributed to Jose B. Lingad Memorial Medical Center.

Meanwhile, on April 13, 2024, the Local Congregation of Guagua, Ecclesiastical District of Pampanga West, and the Ecclesiastical District of Paniqui, Tarlac both collected 95 blood bags, while Luzon Avenue Congregation, in the Ecclesiastical District of Central, collected 31. On April 27, 2024, the Ecclesiastical District of Palayan City, Nueva Ecija collected 73 blood bags, while the Local Congregation of Mountain Heights, Ecclesiastical District of Caloocan North, and the Local Congregation of Zabarte, Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City gathered 51 and 53 bags, respectively.

Joseph De Mesa, a deacon and five-time donor from Zabarte Congregation, expressed, “I am joyful every time I take part in this socio-civic activity for I believe that through this, God is pleased with me.”

William Nonsol, a deacon and six-time donor, also from the said congregation, shared that he decided to donate blood for “it benefits both donor and recipient.”

“One of commands taught to us through the Church Administration is to love and help our brethren and fellowmen. Through our blood donations, we are able to fulfill this, and by doing so, we please our Almighty God,” stated Brother Israel Phillippe Diaz, ministerial worker assigned at the SSO.