Congregations in Negros del Norte join efforts to spread the gospel


Date Posted: April 25, 2023

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Five local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Negros del Norte recently combined their efforts aiming for synergy toward greater success in spreading the gospel of salvation in their area.

Members of the Canlaon City, West Budlasan, Masulog, Linothangan, and Codcod local congregations thus held an evangelical mission on March 28, 2023, bringing with them a total of 1,000 guests at the Canlaon City Sports and Cultural Center, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Brethren from extensions in Binalbagan, Angas, Tabalogo, Mananawin, and Quezon and from the Alibabay Group Worship Service likewise showed their solidarity, contributing to the large number of invitees.

The Church Administration sent Brother Azriel Pelaez to proclaim the pure gospel. The assistant district supervising minister expounded on the biblical truth about the inevitability of joining the true Church that Christ established if one wish to serve God and have the living hope for the promised salvation on Judgment Day.

“I never stop inviting people every time we have an evangelical mission in our congregation. I want more people to learn about the Good News of salvation,” said Grace Baclaan, from the Local Congregation of Canlaon City, who invited her friend, Wilmar Pacaña.

“From the biblical lesson I learned that, to receive salvation on Judgment Day, one must obey God’s will, one of which is to enter or join the Church Of Christ,” said Pacaña. — With reports from INC News Section