Couples in Milan pair up for Mr. and Mrs. Chef


Date Posted: March 17, 2021

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Couples from the Ecclesiastical District of Milan participated in the Buklod Mr. & Mrs. Chef activity on February 28, 2021, showing their teamwork in cooking.

The husband-wife tandems who participated came from the local congregations of Milan, Italy; Milan South, Italy; Milan West, Italy; Torino, Italy; Como, Italy; Bologna, Italy; Brescia, Italy; Pordenone, Italy; Vicenza, Italy; and Venice, Italy as well as the Group Worship Services (GWS) of Cuneo, Italy; Varese, Italy; Rimini; and Bergamo, Italy.

Brother Randolf Villajuan, district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, led the activity through videoconferencing, along with the resident ministers and ministerial workers from their respective local congregations and GWS.

The couples were asked to prepare delicious dish with salmon as the main ingredient as it has impressive health benefits for the body and is known for its highest omega-3 contents. Some of the participants prepared Mediterranean-style dishes while others cooked Asian style.

Participants also demonstrated a classic plating style for their salmon recipes including the side dishes. The couples then presented their finished products to the judges and explained the dish they prepared. After the closing prayer, the winners were announced: Roland and Michelle Fandiño, from the Local Congregation of Milan South, Italy.

The brethren were very happy and expressed their gratitude to the Church Administration for a wonderful activity that strengthened their bond as married couples. ― With reports from INC News Section