District CFO sponsors activities for brethren in Denmark, Austria


Date Posted: April 23, 2022

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Brethren from congregations in Denmark and Austria, both under the supervision of the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe, participated in activities that were sponsored by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO). The activities, which were facilitated online, were held on March 26 and 27, 2022, respectively.

In Denmark, brethren from the local congregations of Copenhagen, Skjern, Vojens, and Horsens joined a physical fitness activity. Connected to each other via videoconferencing, the brethren followed Janrey Davidsen, a KADIWA officer, in his step-by-step demonstration of a fitness routine. Buklod, KADIWA, Binhi, and even members of the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) did push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, planks, jumping jacks, among others.

Meanwhile, in Austria, the Binhi members from the Local Congregation of Vienna West participated in a time management webinar. The attendees were given tips on how to manage their time. The importance of making and sticking to a schedule was emphasized to them. They were also encouraged not to procrastinate, to prioritize tasks according to their value, find ways to reduce stress, and boost their confidence. — With reports from INC News Section