Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia commemorates 10th anniversary


Date Posted: August 2, 2021

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In celebration of the 10th founding anniversary of the Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia, brethren from various local congregations in the district witnessed from the comfort of their homes the program prepared especially for the occasion on July 20, 2021.

Brother Ronaldo Lising, district supervising minister, gave his welcome remarks, a part of which included a narration of the different milestones of the district, since its establishment a decade ago.

In 2011, the local congregations in Malaysia and other nearby Asian countries outside the Philippines were organized into one ecclesiastical district—Southeast Asia. In 2014, owing to the growth of the Church in this part of the world, the district was reorganized into two—Southeast Asia 1 and Southeast Asia 2. Although it was only in January of 2019 when the Church Administration renamed Southeast Asia 2 into the Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia, it retained the original date of its establishment as the parent district.

“It has been a truly wonderful decade―a testament of God’s abounding love and grace. We are truly grateful to our Lord God for the continued guidance and protection He has given to us,” said Brother Ronaldo.

The brethren also invited their loved ones who are not yet members of the Church to watch the special telecast of the district’s milestone anniversary celebration on the social media pages of the INC Production Company. The brethren enjoyed watching the various musical performances prepared by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) district leadership.

The brethren are grateful to the Church Administration for inspiring them as they celebrate their district’s milestone anniversary even in the midst of the pandemic. ― With reports from INC News Section