Evangelical mission in Burrows reiterates relevance of Church membership


Date Posted: April 21, 2023

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Now that Judgment Day is near, people should join the true Church Of Christ for them to be saved, and be blessed while still waiting for that day. Such biblical message resonated during the evangelical mission that was hosted by the Local Congregation of Burrows, Ecclesiastical District of Manitoba, Canada, on April 9, 2023 at their house of worship.

The propagational activity was led by Brother Roland Andrade, district supervising minister. He explained that it is none other than the Savior Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who established His Church, and thus instructs people to enter it for them to receive salvation.

“Inviting many people to join the Church is our unity with the Church Administration in intensifying the work of propagation. Doing so is our fulfillment of God’s command to make known His words to people for His glory and honor,” Brother Andrade said.

“The Bible study was very good,” Sereta Thompson, a guest, observed. “The minister’s citing from the Bible all the more clarified the matter at hand.”

“This is my first time visiting another Church and I can see the difference,” Ooman Thompson said. “And the people were very friendly, feels like family.” — With reports from INC News Section